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Palace penalty sinks searching Hammers, 1-0

Some things are more important than football, so I’d like to start this match report with a few words of respect towards Dylan Tombides and the entire Upton Park crowd that paid homage to the brave youngster today. It was both moving and devastating to watch Dylan’s father and brother carry his 38 shirt, now [...]

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Eye on the enemy – Crystal Palace

Oh what a change to a more ‘unorthodox’ manager can bring to a club. Last time we met Palace the questions were set mostly on staying up or not, now they’ve all but achieved that feat, like ourselves. Pressure all but off for both clubs, and a London derby to boot, this one should be [...]

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Eye on the enemy – Arsenal

Another week without a weekend game – thanks to our opposition still being in the Cup – brings about a Tuesday night game at the Emirates. There would’ve arguably been less pressure on Arsenal to perform if they’d still been in the running for the Premier League – whereas, now they’ll be fighting tooth and [...]

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Monday Bubbles – 14.4.14

Sam Allardyce: “I don’t think that we’ll get a top ten finish now. I think the best we would try and get is to catch up with Stoke. Stoke have had a fantastic run recently and we’ve got to try and improve our position to get where they are. At this moment in time, it’s [...]

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